Clean windows are always nice to see and can make any home seem bright and clean; however, cleaning the windows is a job that generates a lot of mixed feelings. While we all want clean windows, there is much more involved than simply a roll of paper towels and cleaning solution. For clean windows both inside and out, many people have learned that it is easier and safer to hire a commercial cleaning company to do the job.

More Than A Bottle Of Cleaning Solution

It is fairly easy to grab a spray bottle and clean the interior surfaces of a window; however, most people cannot safely reach the entire window. Step stools and ladders help, yet also increase the risk of injury. This generally results in windows that are not completely clean with dirty corners, streaks, and spots.

Even for those who are can reach the entire interior window, what about the outside? Most of the dirt on home windows is on the outside, which is even more difficult for most people to reach – unless all the windows are on the ground floor. There are other concerns besides normal window grime, such as cobwebs and insect nests in window corners and behind shutters as well as glass etching from outdoor elements or old aluminum screens.

Benefits Of Professional Window Cleaning

Following are some of the benefits to be gained by using a commercial cleaning company for periodic professional window cleaning:

  • Reach – The most obvious benefit of hiring a commercial cleaning business for home windows is that professionals have the equipment and tools necessary to clean any window – inside or out. They do a thorough job, leaving windows bright and streak-free.

  • Experience – When commercial window cleaners wash exterior glass surfaces, they also clear away cobwebs, insect nests, and other residue gathered behind shutters, corners and window frames. They also remove various types of materials stuck or etched onto exterior glass, such as mineral deposits. These deposits cloud glass surfaces, making windows look dirty. Glass that has been etched or coated with mineral deposits can crack and chip, so properly window cleaning helps prolong window life.

  • Knowledge Commercial cleaning professionals know what is most likely to cause dirty, spotted, and etched windows and can advise homeowners how to prevent this. Grime and surface damage to glass, including damage to decorative windows such as leaded and stained glass, can often be prevented if people know how to properly clean and care for windows and what external elements affect them.

Homeowners may think that paying for professional window cleaning is an extra and perhaps unnecessary expense; however, based on its many benefits, it is definitely something worth considering. Commercial window cleaning can be worth the price considering the advantages, such as proper glass cleaning and window care that leads to extended window life. When you want those windows to sparkle – let a commercial cleaning service handle the job!

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