Keeping floors clean in commercial buildings and other busy settings can be a challenge. The larger the building and the more people it serves, the dirtier the floors get – making frequent cleaning a necessity. It is important that property owners hire a reliable cleaning company that will keep floors looking their best while understanding the correlation between floor condition and slip and fall accidents.

Importance of Floor Condition

A professional cleaning company knows the condition of a floor can indicate a few important things. It shows how good the floor looks and how long it is likely to last before needing to be repaired or replaced. If a surface is poorly maintained, whether due to neglect or the use of incorrect cleaning products, it will crack and fade.

This is unsightly and poses a hazard as well. Floors in commercial buildings are frequently made of vinyl, ceramic tile, and other particularly durable materials; however, they are not indestructible. When cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged, they are dangerous.

Using The Right Cleaning Products

When it comes to commercial flooring, chemical cleaning products can be helpful – or harmful. It is essential that a cleaning company use products made for the particular flooring surface for the following reasons:

  • Prevent Damage – Chemicals that are too harsh can damage the integrity of flooring material through chemical reaction, leaving flooring susceptible to weakening, drying, cracking, and wear from stress.

  • Prevent Slipping – Some preparations leave certain materials particularly slippery, especially if they contain waxes or other chemicals that coat the flooring surface. While this may be appropriate on some floors to produce a good shine without becoming too slick, if a cleaning company uses them on other surfaces, those preparations may be too slippery, creating a slip-and-fall hazard.

  • No Damage Cleaning – It is easy to think the stronger the chemical, the better it cleans; however, the opposite is usually true. A professional cleaning company knows that cleaning solutions made for specific flooring materials are all that is necessary to get the best clean without causing damage.

Using The Right Methods

Along with the right preparations, floors must be cleaned using the right methods, especially when it comes to buffing and shining. A good cleaning company must have the right equipment and properly-trained staff to use it. Anyone can use a mop and bucket; however, that leaves room for error, both in leaving cleaning solution on the floor and leaving floors wet for a period of time after they have been cleaned.

Backpack vacuums, which are more powerful for picking up dirt from corners and crevices, and combination scrubber/dryers are recommended. These machines do all the work in one pass, leaving behind a clean and dry floor. Buffing by a cleaning company should be done with the proper buffer pads to create a great shine without the glass-like surface that invites slipping. The right pad will leave some surface texture to prevent slipping.

Although floor cleaning and maintenance itself is not a difficult or particularly complex job, it does require a bit of thought and preparation. By using only the right products and machines by a properly trained staff, a professional cleaning company can to keep floors looking beautiful while keeping them safer to reduce the risk of accidents!

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